Randy Doyle of Al-Corn Clean Fuel in Claremont was a guest on AM 1390's Talk of the Town.

Progress last week included the erection of two concrete silos, each 112 feet high. They were built using slip form with crews working around the clock. The silos were erected in just 90 hours.

Next up will be the erection of two 750,000 bushel corn bins.

The railroad is being upgraded to handle trains with 100 cars. Corn grinding is expected to increase from 17 million bushels to 42 million bushels, with ethanol production increasing from 50 million to 120 million gallons.

A turbine will be built that will provide about 40 percent of the electricity used at the plant. Plans also include a new distillation and evaporating area along with a new dryer.

About 10 workers are expected to be added with a completion date of April 2018.

When the Al-Corn plant first opened, ethanol production in the U.S. was about 1 billion gallons. Today it's 16 billion gallons.

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