Even Adam Thielen knows what it's like to watch a last-second Viking's win from home.

Like the rest of us, Minnesota Viking's Wide Receiver Adam Thielen watched Sunday's game against the Carolina Panther's from home. Unable to play or even be in the stadium after being placed on the Viking's COVID-19/Reserve list, he was forced to watch the Vikings in what appeared was going to be a loss from the confines of his living room. If you watched the game, however, then you know that the Vike's pulled off a 28-27 win with seconds left and a couple heart-stopping calls. Thielen's wife Caitlin caught the wide receiver's reactions in her Instagram story, and -- as it turns out -- the professional NFL player really is just like the rest of us.

"No! What's the flag for?" he asked after a penalty was called on a long reception by Kyle Rudolph. "What's the flag for?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" he shouts after the game-tying Viking's touchdown, his older son giggling at him. "Come on! Come on! Let's go! That's a big-time play!" As his team won the game with a field goal attempt, his shouts were accompanied by jumps around the living room.

Appearing in otherwise good health, Thielen is expected to return to play when the Vikings host the Jaguars next Sunday.

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