Our area did see quite a bit of rain last night with some wind gusts as we were in a severe thunderstorm warning.

Blooming Prairie was part of two severe thunderstorm warnings and was in the storm's path about 8:20 and a half-hour later at 8:50PM. There was a lot of wind and rain to go with the thunder and lightning. After the storm, an orange sunset was visible. I also noticed a double rainbow that looked to be in a purple sky. Nature's own fireworks were pretty cool last night. Hope you are safe.

I noticed some down tree branches in Ellendale.

I found this new page on NOAA that lists the area airports and when you click on an airport it will give that area's information. All the information at a click of the mouse.

Reports from NOAA, included wind gusts in the area were around 35-45 mph. Rain ranged from an inch to two. The winds were from the south around 20 mph before the storm and then switched to the north by northwest.

Owatonna received almost 2 inches of rain, 1.92, with wind gusts at 35-40 mph.

Both Dodge Center and Albert Lea received just over an inch of rain, 1.04, with winds at 35-45 mph.

Faribault was hit hard with more than 2 inches of rain, 2.06, and winds out of the north and northwest at 40-50 mph.

Mankato received 1.12 inches with 30-40 mph winds and Rochester received just under an inch, .70, with winds 35-45 mph.

Waseca airport did not have anything to report.

After the storm, there was a big orange sunset. I think this is the first time I ever noticed that. Then behind the station a full rainbow in more of a purple sky, plus it was a double.

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