Who would win if the Patriots, Cavaliers, Cubs and Blackhawks all played at once? That's my feeling about choosing a favorite for the Best Picture Oscar for Sunday.

Nine diverse movies contend for the prize. A couple use flashbacks in amazingly effective ways. Manchester by the Sea drops a plot twist on you halfway through the movie that, if you knew earlier, would give you a much different opinion of the movie's lead character. Arrival deals with the issue of time wrapping around itself and left me a bit dazed, but is a good story about first contact.

Several nominees are based on true events I wasn't aware of. Lion tells the story of a boy who gets lost in India, gets adopted by an Australian couple, then seeks out his biological family. Hacksaw Ridge is the epic tale of a pacifist and his positive contribution to the war effort against Japan in the World War II. Hidden Figures reveals the contributions of black women to the space race in the 1960s and how the racial tension of the time factored in.

Fences offers a stage for Denzel Washington to show his ability to command the screen. Hell or High Water is a strong story of the "little guy" against the establishment. Moonlight is an edgy movie beginning with a boy dealing with a family broken by drugs and his sexuality. La La Land is a musical with grand songs and performances.

Each flick is strong in its own way, but I've got to stick with the favorite and go with the Patriots.

  • 1


    An alien move that starts where it ends, or ends where it starts.

  • 2


    The movie is based on a play and it feels like it with Denzel Washington commanding the stage.

  • 3

    Hacksaw Ridge

    Real-life story of a pacifist and his contributions to the U.S. war effort against Japan in World War II.

  • 4

    Hell or High Water

    One of the bank robbers in this flick is the good guy.

  • 5

    Hidden Figures

    A well-told story of the behind-the-scenes contributions we weren't aware of to one of humanity's greatest achievements, delivered in a fun, lighthearted way.

  • 6

    La La Land

    Fourteen nominations include Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director.

  • 7


    What parent hasn't feared their child getting lost?

  • 8

    Manchester by the Sea

    The story is heart-warming and heart-breaking.

  • 9


    Moonlight is a bittersweet story of growing up dealing with who you are and the challenges of dealing with it.

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