Between athletics and other extracurriculars, 67 Owatonna High School students competed in state-level competitions during the winter season. State qualifying teams and individuals include adapted floor hockey (12), boys basketball (18), DECA state finals (4), diving (1),  gymnastics (9), Knowledge Bowl (5), mock trial (10 students),      and wrestling (8).

The April district newsletter from the Owatonna Public Schools lists the students involved in those activities, "Congratulations to all of our students who qualified to participate in state tournaments for their winter athletics and activities. And special thanks to all of the fellow students, families, and community members who supported them throughout their seasons."


  • Josiah Aviles
  • Jesse Fonner
  • Ryan Gander
  • Kyle Goergen
  • Javelle Higgs
  • Isabel Ihrke
  • Kerryn Keller
  • Emilee Moffett
  • Jessica Parsons
  • Joseph Poole
  • Alexis Talley
  • Chloe Talley


  • Sharrif Abdullahi
  • Blake Burmeister
  • Tyrel Creger
  • Evan Dushek
  • Mikah Elstad
  • Nils Gantert
  • Connor Ginskey
  • Avery Hartman
  • Jack Helget
  • Noah Hodgman
  • Noah Kubicek
  • Drew Randall
  • Jerome Stransky
  • Trever Schirmer
  • Collin Vick
  • Ayden Walter
  • Brayden Williams
  • Nicholas Williams


  • Avery Becker
  • Dylan Meiners
  • Ezra Oien
  • Lauren Thamert


  • Cole Piepho


  • Kaitlyn Cobban
  • Emma Johnson
  • Jozie Johnson
  • Kendra Miller
  • Janessa Moore
  • Chloe Myer
  • Dylann Norrid
  • Averie Rousch
  • Kaelyn Smith


  • Henry Bon
  • Gavin Caron
  • Aiden Engel
  • Lileigh Nguyen
  • David Smith


  • Haley Abrahams
  • Kinzie Carlson
  • Fardouza Farah
  • Tyran Fernandez
  • Vanessa Gonzalez
  • Hailey Kjersten
  • Josaphine Nguyen
  • Lileigh Nguyen
  • Rohit Poduval
  • Aubrianna Werk


  • Rian Grunwald
  • Kanin Hable
  • Landen Johnson
  • Lane Karsten
  • Andrew Nirk
  • Cael Robb
  • Jacob Reinardy
  • Isabelle Townley

One student, Lileigh Nguyen, was part of two teams, mock trial and Knowledge Bowl, that appeared at state.

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