Air conditioning is fine. A dip in a pool works. A cold drink will satisfy for a few moments. But nothing beats walking into a hockey rink during a Minnesota heat wave. I attended a junior hockey training camp for the Minnesota Mullets recently. Yes. That is the team's name, Mullets. The relief from the mid-90 outdoor temp to the conditions inside the Augsburg University rink was amazing.

The opportunity to watch the scrimmage from the bench got me even closer to the ice. It was wonderful. Although I did need to keep a sharp eye out for sticks and flying pucks. Getting a bit of perspective on the interaction of players and coaches was a benefit for me as well in my future coverage of hockey games.

After two hours inside a hockey rink, the heat smacked me pretty good when I stepped outside. And there I found an ice cream truck. I couldn't pass up on that opportunity. A great chance for a cool milk shake is coming up at the Steele County Fairgrounds June 19-20 during Dairy Days, hosted by the Steele County American Dairy Association.

On this day, I also covered the Owatonna Aces amateur baseball home opener against Waseca. With apologies to those in the stands, the press box has an air conditioner. With it running on high much of the game, I was feeling a bit chilled by the end. At least those in the grandstand were in shade and cooled by the breeze. The Aces next home game is Wednesday, June 16. It's just three bucks to get in and a great way to spend a summer evening.

River Springs Water Park in Owatonna is hopping. Between slides, lazy river, zero-depth entry and other amenities, the facility is a top choice in Owatonna during the hot days of summer. Lake Kohlmier and the Owatonna Country Club pool also offer the chance to take a dip in the water.

Going fishing won't necessarily get you out of the sun, but being near, or in, water can sure help. Minnesota is holding its Take-A-Kid Fishing Weekend June 11-13 where adults can fish without a license if they take a kid 15 or younger with them.

5 Ways to Cool Off During MN Heat Wave

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