Friday night was pretty magical. We were watching the news and saw that there would be a chance to see the Northern Lights. Surely, we wouldn't be able to see them from our house because we live in town, and the light pollution would drown them out, right? Wrong! We were stunned to see them from our backyard.

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I went on our B105 Facebook page and asked who else could see them, and to send us a photo. We got a lot of photos from our listeners. Thank you so much! Some of them are absolutely stunning. In my case, the auto settings on my iPhone were able to capture the light. Smartphones have come a long way, and I think we can credit them for some of these shots.

Take a look at these wonderful pictures. We might never see them again like this. I know I've never seen them like they were on Friday night.

34 Stunning Photos Of Magical Night Of Northern Lights In Minnesota + Wisonsin

May 19, 2023 was a night I'll always remember. The Northern Lights put on quite a show for a brief period of time. They were so bright you could even see them in town with the bright city lights. Here are some fantastic images submitted by B105 listeners.


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