I keep a little black book of passwords.

I know, passwords aren't typically what you find in a little black book. But it's 2021 and over the past decade I've created too many online accounts for services, products, websites, social media platforms and who knows what else that there's no way I can remember all the passwords I've created or keep them straight in my head. So I keep them written down in a little black book.

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Most recently, my work email has begun reminding me that it's time to reset my password. For security reasons, I have to reset my password every few months, which actually feels quite obnoxious. At this point, I've run through all of my normal go-to passwords and am now creating new, nonsensical passwords each time I'm prompted. Sometimes it's a real struggle. Fortunately, I had a stroke of brilliance this time around with an idea: Minnesota-themed passwords. So brilliant is the idea, I took the time to write them down! I'd recommend you use them, but there's a good chance every other Minnesota is using them, too. So use them at your own risk.

1. VikingsFan4Life!
2. TwinsFan4Life!
3. TwolvesFan4Life!
4. WildFan4Life!
5. PrinceFan4Life!
6. WhenDovesCry2016
7. IWouldDie4You!
8. LoonyBin[Year of birth]
9. UpNorthUffdaYouBetcha2021!
10. LakeLife4Life!
11. LandOf10000Lakes4Ever
12. PaulBIsMyBF
13. NorthernLight$[Insert Year]!
14. Fishing4Life[Insert Year]!
15. Hunting4Life[Insert Year]!
16. MNboater4Life[Insert Year]!
17. IceSk8er4Life[Insert Year]!
18. H0ckey4Life[Insert Year]!
19. DuckDuckGrayDuck4Ever!
20. JuicyLucyDuckDuckG00sey
21. IWearFlannelEveryDay1234!
22. MinnesotaNiceSince[Insert Year]
23. Spoon&CherryLuver[Insert Year]
24. MightyDuck$1992
25. Camping4DaysSince[Insert Year]
26. MNDadOf[Insert Number of Kids]
27. MNMomOf[Insert Number of Kids
28. NorthShoreLivin&Lovin[Insert Year]!
29. LEtoileDuNordSince[Insert Year]
30. CampSnooopy4Ever!

Password managing website NordPass released a list of the 200 most common passwords of 2020. The top 10 were:

1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. picture1
4. password
5. 12345678
6. 111111
7. 123123
8. 12345
10. senha

Check the full list of 200 most common passwords of 2020 here. I'm not saying my list of Minnesota-themed passwords are fail-safe, but they probably offer a bit more security than any of these listed by NordPass!

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