Two and a half years ago we heard horrible a story about the 5 year old boy that was picked up by a stranger and thrown off a 3rd story balcony at the Mall of America.

It's a miracle that he survived but it hasn't been an easy road for little Landen on his long road to recovery. I can't imagine, as a parent, the worry, anger, etc.


It's heartbreaking what this little boy has had to endure because of this violent, senseless act by a stranger.  Four months in the hospital and multiple surgeries. Besides the mental trauma, Landen Hoffman has had surgeries for a broken leg, two broken arms and the removal of his spleen.

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That's enough for anyone to have to go through, let alone a little boy. He also endured procedures to remove fluid from his lungs and stomach, not to mention work done to repair skull and facial fractures.

Landen's Go Fund Me page has raised over a million dollars but I'm thinking his medical bills are astronomical. If you'd like to donate, CLICK HERE

We hope that Landen's recovery continues to go well and he can soon get back to being just a little boy.  It's been a pretty rough road for Landen the last two and a half years, not to mention what his family's been through.

The man responsible for Landen's injuries was pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Just doesn't seem like enough, does it?

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