Whether by reluctant conditioning or willing choice, our habits have changed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From wearing a mask to keeping 6 feet apart, washing our hands regularly to not shaking hands, we've grown accustomed to doing some things and not doing others in the name of safety. Even once life gets back to "normal," it will probably be hard to start doing some things we did before the pandemic and stop doing some things we've picked up during the pandemic.

A recent poll reported by Digital Hub found the top 50 things people likely won't do again after the pandemic. Here are the top 10:

1. Sharing ChapStick
2.  Taking a bite of someone else's sandwich
3.  Trying out make-up samples at a store
4.  Making out with strangers at a bar
5.  Borrowing someone else's bathing suit
6.  Using a friend's make-up
7.  Standing really close to people in line
8.  Leaving the house without hand sanitizer
9.  Sharing bags of chips or other snacks with someone you don't live with
10.  Using someone else's deodorant

Other top answers include "going to a buffet-style restaurant," "hold the handrail on an escalator," "shake someone's hand," "use gym equipment after someone else," "go to a live sporting event," "pay for things with cash," and "having a slice of birthday cake at a party." Check out the full list of top 50 things we likely won't do again after the pandemic here; the survey took place in the UK, so some of the answers will sound a little...British.

What habit(s) have you stopped doing during the pandemic that you probably won't start again?

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