Give Oscar-Nominated Movies a Chance
People scoff when I tell them that my wife and I make it a goal to see all the Acadamy Award nominated movies before Oscar Night. It seems most people haven't heard of many of the movies, let alone seen them. We are a bit ahead of the curve this year, having already seen six of the nine movies …
Tough Choice for Best Picture
Who would win if the Patriots, Cavaliers, Cubs and Blackhawks all played at once? That's my feeling about choosing a favorite for the Best Picture Oscar for Sunday.
Oscar Nomination Day
It's among my favorite days of the year. The announcement of the Academy Award nominations sets off a sprint for me and my wife. This year we have a head start.
Top Alien Movies, No Lasers
I saw Arrival over the weekend. Aliens arrive on Earth and Jodie Foster's character is drafted to help interpret their language. No spoilers in here.
Dig Out the Ghost Movies
With Halloween around the corner, it seems to be a good time to cue up a ghost movie. There might be a spoiler in here. So you better beware.
Sunday night movies
Historic Downtown Owatonna welcomes Sundays in the State with a summer movie series. A movie from each decade will be shown two Sundays a month at sunset at the former State Theater Space, 215 N. Cedar Ave., in Owatonna.
The first movie was Singin' In the Rain...
New Movie Releases: June 2016
In case you didn’t get enough inspiration from our list of the 20 films you absolutely must see this summer, then perhaps our guide to June’s new movie releases will give you a few more ideas. Next months brings sequels to Independence Day, The Conjuring and Now You See Me, a new Pixar…
Lisa’s Logic: Where Will The Story Go
I'm reading The Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It was written in 2001. It is a sequel to The Talisman, which was written in 1984. That is kind of a long time between books. It took a while for me to get into it but once I did, I am good to go...

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