Schweich’s Closes In Kenyon
Schweich's Bar and Hotel in Kenyon has closed their doors. The Kenyon Leader article said the doors were locked and that workers were removing perishable items from the building on Monday.
Former Senator Purfeerst Passes
Former fellow Minnesota Legislator and U.S. Congressman Gil Gutnecht used to chuckle all the time when he saw me about the many Purferisms people would recall from Clarence's days in St. Paul.
Kenyon Smelt Feed is Saturday
The heyday of smelt came in the 1960s and '70s but Kenyon still sees guests from miles around for their annual smelt feed.
It's this Saturday, all you can eat and at the Kenyon VFW Club.
Sponsored by the Kenyon Firefighters Relief Association, a group of firefighters actually head north to p…
Hwy. 56 Bridges Update
Another traffic headache is coming your way starting May 1 as MnDOT (Minnesota Department of Transportation) will start the replacement of the Highway 56 bridges south of Stanton at Prairie Creek and and north of Kenyon at the north fork of the Zumbro River...

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