Rochester Buzzes With Excitement for Beer Festival
Hop on over to Rochester on December 10 for food, vintage video games, brews, music and tons of fun. The buzz is building as December and the Rochester on Tap craft beer festival nears closer. If you are a beer enthusiasts and are older than 21, you won't want to miss this event on December 10 …
Thursday is National Beer Day
Are you ready for the upcoming holiday? If not, you better swing by and grab a few beers so you can properly celebrate! Microbrew, imported, domestic -- there are so many options when it comes to beer, and later this week is the perfect chance to celebrate your love of the beverage. Grab a frosty mu…
Earn Money Drinking Beer
Have you ever thought it would be great to get paid to drink beer? Well, that is now an actual possibility! It's not a full-time job with benefits, but for four months, three interns will be enjoying beers, traveling, documenting their adventures and getting paid for it!
Drink Wheaties Beer for Work? Why Not?
If your memory is better than some, you may recall an August post announcing a limited-edition Wheaties beer was coming to select Minnesota markets, namely the Twin Cities.
Through some dogged determination and many likely annoying phone calls, we were able to score two cans of this hefeweisen (wheat…