Here's a look at a few photos of some folks you may know. They were taken when they were young and you may very well have never seen these before. OK, I've up dated this and here are the answers.

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    Bud Grant

    This teenager isn't from Owatonna. However, his name is probably known by everyone in Minnesota. He's 90 years old. It's a young Bud Grant. This is from his high school year book while at a state tournament. Wanna throw a curve at someone? Tell them Bud wore number 13 when he PLAYED for the Vikings. That was his number at Bryant High in Superior. As to how I have this photo, my mother was a year behind him in school.

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    Ruth Hoven

    Recognize this Owatonna gal? The year is 1955. And Ruth Hoven of Owatonna is at the Grand Parade for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. what am I doing with this photo. Well, two rows straight in back of Ruth is my aunt Sonja.

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    Dr. Dell Johnson

    I think this will be the tough one. This is a photo from a one room country school in Wisconsin. The little boy on the far right played the preacher. Isn't that something? Because that's what Owatonna will remember about him. He was ministering in Owatonna in the 70's and 80's. The answer is Dr. Dell Johnson associated with the Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in Owatonna. How did I get the photo? My mom was his teacher. By the way, he was Lutheran back when this picture was taken.