Take a deep breath while you can!  Our world is about to get smokey again.

CAUTION: Smoke Is On Its Way Back to Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Most humans don't have to think about taking a breath in and out.  But if you are sensitive to air pollution, or have a health condition that can put you at risk when the air quality is low, you are always on alert.

Full disclosure: I am one of the 27 million people in the United States who have asthma.  I don't have a bad case of it but my inhaler is always with me because I never know when it will feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest.  And that is what it feels like...a big, crushing elephant right there, on my lungs.

The last few years, I have worked very hard to try and manage my asthma.  In other words, I haven't been getting bronchitis or pneumonia every year as a result of my asthma getting out of control.  One of the ways that I have helped keep it in check is by paying attention to our air quality.  And right now, I am very aware of something that has popped up again in the sky - the smoke from the Canadian wildfires.


When Will We Notice The Smoke in Minnesota From the Canadian Wildfires?

I was hanging out on X...Twitter...whatever you call it, and saw a post that set off all of my asthma alarms. Meteorologist Tyler Roney, it appears that the smoke from Canada isn't on the way, it is here.

We haven’t had to talk about this for awhile, but that Canadian wildfire smoke is coming back.

Expect this to become more of an issue throughout the day Tuesday and especially Wednesday and the rest of the week across the Midwest.

- @TylerJRoney on X

Tyler had a great visual from the National Weather Service which gave a great snapshot of what we can expect with this smoke.

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If the air quality becomes alarming, we will publish that information on our websites and apps to help you stay safe and also send notifications out since this is a safety issue for many in our community.  Gives those sites a follow or download today so you have the latest information.

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