Looks like some rumors are floating around about a popular steakhouse in Minnesota.  If you've never heard of Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse...I am shocked because all I have heard today is rumors like the following:

Is The Rumor True That Pittsburgh Blue in Rochester, Minnesota Has Closed?

While the comments were rolling in on the anonymous Facebook post above, I went and found out if the rumor was true about Pittsburgh Blue at 10 E. Center Street in Rochester closing.  It took less than 3 minutes to get an answer.  I have their statement below for you.

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Who Is The Source Of The Rumor About Pittsburgh Blue Closing in Rochester, Minnesota?

While I was working on figuring out if Pittsburgh Blue was closing, I also wanted to know who was the source of this huge closing news.

With Ruth's Chris opening this week just down the street from Pittsburgh Blue in Rochester, a few conversations that I've been in lately with individuals in our community were wondering if we have room for two steakhouses.  There is a rotation of restaurants that open and close in the Med City, but Ruth's Chris has been open for less than a week.  Pretty sure it takes a bit longer than a week to figure out if a new place is taking all of your revenue or not.

I would have reached out privately to the person who posted about the rumor to try and figure out where they heard this from, but they had the little slide clicked so they could be anonymous.  I have a theory about that anonymous posting but I'll save that for another day.  I did leave a comment to see if the person would tell me their source.  If I hear an update, I'll put that over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.


Pittsburgh Blue in Rochester, Minnesota Gave An Update on If They Are Open or Closed

Every time that I hear about a business closing, I go through a few steps to ensure that I am getting accurate information for all who read my stories.  Sometimes there are notes posted publicly on doors or windows, once in a while Google will be updated as "closed permanently" before other information is provided.  Occasionally, websites will be deactivated and no longer exist.  At times, there will also be a note from the business posted on its social media pages with the news.

None of that happened for Pittsburgh Blue in Rochester, Minnesota.

The easiest way to check on a closing though is by talking with the company when rumors pop up.  I reached out to Pittsburgh Blue in Rochester, Minnesota and they stated the following:

Good afternoon,

No we are definitely not closing, in fact we are thriving! With being in the Hilton and a fantastic Happy Hour with $5, $7 and $9 items and a ramp connected to us with free parking after 5 we are full most nights of the week. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,

Beth Coons
General Manager
Pittsburgh Blue Rochester


By the way, Pittsburgh Blue gets the gold star for responding to me as fast as they did.  There are several restaurants in Rochester that never reply to anything I send them...even to talk about their place opening and share the news with the thousands of people who hear me every day.  The number of people who read my stories is a whole lot higher!  #TheInternetIsAVeryLargePlace  If you aren't already reading, you should start.  All the stories I write can be found here.

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