LESTER PRAIRIE (WJON News) -- A Lester Prairie man is facing charges after threatening to kill neighbors and police officers.

Forty-eight-year-old Ryan Kirsch is charged with three counts of Felony-Threats of Violence and one count of 4th-Degree Criminal Damage to Property, which is a misdemeanor.

On Friday, officers were called to his residence on a report that he was playing loud music, cussing, and throwing items outside his home.

Kirsch then reportedly went to a neighbor's residence and began using profanities and threatening the neighbor and causing damage to property.

According to the complaint, when the first officer arrived, he had a long stick in his hand, threatened to kill the officer, then went back into his house.

When other officers arrived he continued making threats.

Attempts were made to de-escalate the situation but were unsuccessful.

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After a search warrant was obtained, officers ultimately took Kirsch into custody and he was taken to the McLeod County Jail.

This story is courtesy of KDUZ in Hutchinson. 

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