Target.  The place you run into to get one specific item and somehow you come out of the store after spending $100... oh, and sometimes forgetting that one item you went in there for in the first place.  It's like a black hole.

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Target has gone through some changes over the last few years.  They had changes to their self check systems.  They also have now limited the self check to just 10 items.  The self check has now been implimented as a express check.  Honestly, I think it should have always been that way.  You shouldn't pull up an entire cart of items and then run through the self check portion of the store.  Go through the regular check out point.  Unless you just have a small basket of items, you should always be going through the regular check out line.

Laura Bradshaw TSM/St Cloud
Laura Bradshaw TSM/St Cloud

The change that is happening later this month, specifically on the 15th, is the fact that Target will no longer be accepting personal checks. What is the reason?

In a statement to NBC News, the retail giant said it was committed to creating an easy and convenient checkout experience — but that due to "extremely low volumes," it would no longer take personal checks starting July 15.

If you have the Target Circle Card, formerly the Targer Red Card, you can still make a payment using a personal check if you MAIL in your payment.  But if you try and make a payment with a check even at the customer service area, that will not be accepted.  You will need to make a payment using a digital payment or debit card.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw SM/St Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM/St Cloud

Target spokespeople have said they have tried to make sure that everyone has had plenty of time to know that this policy will be put into place beginning on July 15th.

By the way, Wal Mart will continue to accept personal checks.

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