Since inflation has been so high in the past few months/years, we have all been looking towards anything that is a great deal.  That will definitely extend to any sort of fast food purchases.  We have all seen the posts with people saying that this bag of food cost them something crazy like $17 or $20 for like a couple cheeseburgers, fries and a drink.  If you think about regular restaurants, that isn't that expensive.  But the point of a fast food restaurant is that the prices are supposed to be, or at least expected to be low.

Back in Febuary, McDonald's announced that they would be looking at lowering prices thorughout the year.  Inflation was easing a bit, and they thought it would be doable to lower prices.

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Inflation hasn't eased that much... only slightly.  Not even sure if people have really realized that prices have dropped a bit.  It's that slight.  But it looks like McDonald's is going to offer a special price Value Meal, at least for a temporary time.

A $5 Value Meal sounds amazing.  This is from Business Insider: 

The meal includes four items, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg and Restaurant Business. Customers would choose between two of the chain's signature burgers — a McChicken or a McDouble — and get four-piece McNuggets, fries, and a drink. The $5 promotion would last for a month, Bloomberg reported.

There is no clear indication as to when this promotion would start, just that when it does, it would only be for a limited time.  About a month of this lower price.  If you think about how much it normally is, $5 for a value meal is really a LOW price. Comparing that price to what you would normally pay, at least on the coasts (which are always more expensive).  Just as an example:

...a McChicken, fries, a drink, and four-piece chicken nuggets — costs $18.26 in downtown New York City. In downtown San Francisco, the McChicken version costs $16.15, and the burger variant costs $17.75.

Not only do we not know exactly when this will start, where the participating restaurants will be is also a variable.

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