Yes, we know that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes.  In fact, there are actually about 11,500 lakes. 10,000 lakes is probably easier to say and promote. And with that said, there is one county in Minnesota that has more lakes in that one county than anywhere in Minnesota, or the country.

Otter Tail County 

According to Only in Your State, Otter Tail County rings in at 1,048 lakes in just that one county.  What's even better is that all of them are available for boating and/or fishing.  Many people think of Northern Minnesota as "Lakes Country", although Otter Tail county is technically located in West Central Minnesota.

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Some other cool facts to know about the lakes in Minnesota is that there are only four counties that only have man-made lakes.  Those counties are Mower, Olmstead, Pipestone and Rock.

If you ask someone what the largest lake in Minnesota is, you will probably get the answer of Lake Superior.  And technically it is, but because it isn't ALL in Minnesota, the largest lake (in Minnesota) is Red Lake.  The second largest is Mille Lacs and the third largest is Leech Lake.

All in all, we have so many lakes in this state that some of them are named the same as others.  It would be hard not to have that happen.  According to "Minnesota Trivia", the most commonly used names are Long at 115 lakes.  Mud at 92 lakes and Rice at 78 lakes.  We can't get any more creative than that, I guess.

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