Here we are again with news of businesses that are closing, or have closed.  In this case, it's 2 restaurants that are part of a chain that has been a staple in the 5 state area, and now have closed.

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Taco John's is a fast food taco shop, basically.  And they have been around for what seems like forever.  You always know what you are going to get.  And when I was in college, this was the go-to for after bar eats.

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Thankfully, these two restaurants were not in Central Minnesota.  The two Taco John's restaurants that have closed were both in Southern Minnesota.  One in Marshall, and one in Worthington.  According to Marshall Radio News, the two restaurants were listed for sale through the real estate website Crexi.

Both properties hit the market on Tuesday via Crexi, with Marshall’s priced at $700,000 and Worthington’s at $550,000. ...these locations are no longer on Taco John’s website

These two locations are closed now. They both closed and signs were taken down almost immediately earlier this month.  This was quick with almost zero warning.  But there are several Taco John's restaurants nearby in Luverne, New Ulm and Fairmont.  We also have several here in Central Minnesota. IN total, there are still 51 Taco John's restaurants in Minnesota.

Hopefully these two surprise closures are not a sign of things to come as far as Taco John's goes.  I feel like when you want that type of food, you really can't go wrong with Taco John's.  Although there are things that they have in some locations, and not in others.  They used to have a thing called a "Taco Burger". They no longer have that on the menu and that's kind of a bummer.

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