Let's face it; there are times when we all do some crazy things just to get by in life. Sometimes we do it for fun, sometimes we do it out of frustration, and sometimes it's just. plain. necessary.

We asked people this question: What is the 'Redneckiest' thing you've ever done? Here are some of the great responses our honest, hardworking fellow Minnesotans provided to us. (We've changed the names to protect the innocent).

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Photo by Frederick Shaw on Unsplash
Photo by Frederick Shaw on Unsplash


"While shopping, someone broke my car mirror off and it was hanging by the wires. I used my Menards apron to tie my car side mirror and loop in my car window. Drove home that way until I got it fixed." ~Bambi
"I went surfing on a mattress we found on the field road being pulled by a four-wheeler, in the middle of summer. Used bailing twine as the rope." Buck

"My brother & his girlfriend at the time got a Billy goat & a Nanny from my dad's farm & hauled them home in the backseat of their car. OMG! That was a hilarious sight!" ~Billie Jean

"Driving a tractor to school!" ~BillyBob
"Moved to Apache Junction!" ~Clyde

"Hauling a fridge on top of my 06 Suzuki Forenza." (Found a free fridge at work...Can you say 'new beer fridge?' ~Dugger

"I was at a wedding that served small potato sausage rings for the meat option." ~Ellie May.

Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash
Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

"Let's just do the last 6 months. Moved an 8x12 shed 56 miles on a 5x10 single axel trailer. Used 3 4x4 cross members, 3 ratchet straps, and a 16' strap screwed from the peak of the roof to the deck of the trailer (to help it from collapsing)." ~Cheeto

"Hauled furniture in my horse trailer when I moved." ~June

"Sat in our boat in our driveway drinking beer." ~Dixie

"When it was really hot in the summer back in the 70s, my dad would fill the stainless steel milk tank with cold water for us to cool off in." ~Delilah

"I can't remember... but if you ask my kids they would let you know because I embarrassed them all the time." ~Bonnie Lou

"Used a hayrack to move 17 miles." ~Wilbur

"Love the comments! I think if you live North of St. Cloud, you are a redneck!" ~ Ava Marie

"I could go on for days but this one was not quite me but my doing. My friend Sue Converse was with her son driving her daughter's car. The rear strut had rusted through and was rubbing against the tire. She called and asked what she could do to get home. I came up with using Alan's belt to hold it in place. It worked good enough. If I remember correctly it was used like that for a week or so." ~Bertha

"Lawnmower races!~" ~Adalaide

"Lived in Hibbing. Enough said. LOL ~Caroline

"I live in Menahga." ~Dolly

"Raced four-wheelers naked." Sue Ellen

"Zip-tied my shifting cable back into where it belonged when it broke! It is still going strong and I carry extra zip ties just in case it breaks again. ~John Boy

"Pee outside like a boy. lol Didn’t work out... ️‍♀️ You can only imagine haha! ~Mary

'Drove a demolition derby car 13 miles with 3 tires and no windows or interior on a state highway." ~Ace

"Sat in the kiddie pool with my grandkids." ~Mamma

"Moved a shed across Clearwater with a riding lawnmower." ~JR

"Apparently hunt and eat squirrel." ~Beaver

"My cousin." ~Judd

"Put duct tape over my radiator hose to make it last a little longer till payday." ~Cricket

"There’s a list… we used our 4-wheeler to plow dirt off a trailer, I used my horse to drag my deer out of the woods, we used to slap a tarp in the back truck and make it a pool, I have also ridden my horse to the bar lol there is so much more, we have an awesome life! I wouldn’t trade it for anything!~Opie

"On our riding lawn mower, I've invented a seat on the back of it so I can mow with my kids. lol." ~Andy

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