Don't be blue! It looks like some parts of Wisconsin are feeling a little down right now, at least according to a new report that just dropped last month.

24/7 Wall Street shared a list of the saddest cities in the country and also broke things down by state. I wasn't too shocked about the city dubbed the loneliest in Wisconsin.

What Makes A City Lonely?

In this instance, factors considered include: the number of one-person households, how much of the adult population lives alone and how many people ages 65 and above live by themselves.

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Drumroll, please...

Milwaukee is the loneliest city in Wisconsin, at least according to this new report. Sigh! This isn't hugely surprising, as it seems Milwaukee is always getting a bad rap. (They were also named one of the most miserable cities in the country, which is harsh.)

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About one-third of the adult population lives alone. It also seems that compared to the adult population, the number of adults living alone is also higher than a good part of the rest of the country.

This study also looked at things like median income for Milwaukee residents and such. If you pass through and someone looks lonely, strike up a conversation!

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In Good Company?

In the same study, Duluth was named the loneliest city in Minnesota. It also made the list of loneliest places in the entire country. How sad! We were also named one of the drunkest cities in the country once upon a time.

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I really hope no one out there is lonely. However, there are always studies like this so you can't take them too seriously. We will see what the next one says about Minnesota and Wisconsin!

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