A short time ago in a location very near, a group of Minnesotans found themselves in the grips of yet another battle with that evil villan Old Man Winter.  Old man Winter's timing caught this normally incredibly stable group of people off guard with the timing of his latest attack. When I left my home world of Minneapolis this morning it was quite warm and the route was just wet. Suddenly not far from my parking destination in Faribault, the roads turned to ice and vehicles bumped each other and began to slide out of control. I had to carefully drop out of freeway speed and continued my journey safe but shaken at a much slower pace.  And the frustration some parents are feeling this morning as they loaded their children in to their yellow shuttles to go to school and sent them on their way, only to find out that they will be returning home soon as many of these teaching facilities have had to close for the day. The following picture sums up what the day is going to be like in some areas.

We are heading to the store..Need Anything?