It's week two of unveiling the new cars that were offered up in 1961. As I stated before, I'm using 1961 because it's the only year I have this full page ad. Let's continue with a few more. Here's the ones we looked at last week 1961.

  • 1

    1961 Buick

    Here's the first year the Buick Special was offered.

  • 2

    1961 Lark Studebaker

    Conjures up memories of Mr. Ed. Remember Wilbur always drove a Lark. I can't think of another show where the cast drove Larks. One of our neighbors had a Lark station wagon. He was a city guy who decided to get into chicken farming. When he went to pick up his chickens he didn't have any cages so he just flung the birds into the back of the wagon and took off. That must have been a fun drive. I remember getting rides to Sunday School with him and those chicken feathers stayed in his car for a long time.

  • 3

    1961 Olds

    This is the first small car offered the Oldsmobile. The 1961 F85.

  • 4

    1961 Mercury Comet

    Here's Mercury's offering for the smaller car market in 1961, the Comet.

  • 5

    61 Corvair

    We had the Volkswagon with the engine in the back and now we have the Corvair with an engine in the back. My neighbor buddy's first car was a Corvair. He paid $35 for it. Yikes.

  • 6

    1961 Falcon

    I don't think I ever saw a 1961 Falcon station wagon, except in pictures. If I'm not mistaken, I think there was a Falcon pickup offered for a while as well.