Just a few more new 1961 cars to check out. Here's links to the previous ones posted;

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    1961 Chrysler

    What catches my attention is mention of a standard transmission. I just don't think of shifting gears and Chrysler in the same thought..

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    1961 Studebaker

    Looks like a lot of improvements went into this '61 Studebaker. However, it apparently wasn't enough to keep the company going.

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    1961 Thunderbird

    I've learned something else. I never envisioned a moveable steering wheel way back in 1961.

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    1961 Corvette

    I can't look at an old Corvette without thinking about the old TV shows Route 66 and 77 Sunset Strip.

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    1961 Cadillac

    I had a great-uncle and great-aunt who drove a '62 Cadillac. They said they got 17 miles per gallon on the highway, which was pretty good for those days.

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    1961 Imperial

    The 1961 Imperial, DeSoto and Chrysler looked so similar to me, it's no wonder all three couldn't last much longer.

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    1961 Lincoln

    Another one of those monsterously large cars. Looking back I realize I grew up with the common folk. Pretty much anyone in our family or neighborhood drove the basic Chevy, Ford or Plymouth.