Welcome to Episode 1 of Jason's Podcast, where I sit around with friends and talk sports and other random topics while my daughter Lauren pushes the buttons! In the pilot episode, my brother-in-law Chris Stenzel invited me to his home to reflect on such topics as the NCAA Tournament, Gophers basketball and football, the Metrodome, and our most hated sports figure.  His wife (my sister Janelle) informed us halfway through that no one would listen to 2 hours of this junk, and she's right, but here's what happened when we turned 2 mics on and started rambling...

Part 1--We reminisce about our favorite NCAA Tourney moments

Part 2--Chris and I discuss Gophers bball and football

Part 3--Are the Seattle Seahawks starting a dynasty?

Part 4--Who do Minnesota sports fans despise the most?

Part 5--Chris and I discuss the Metrodome

Part 6--More "Dome" talk...

Part 7--Will Joe Mauer lead Twins to playoffs again?

Part 8--We close by debating the Minnesota sports Mt. Rushmore