My son made his high school track debut this week. No doubt inspired by coach Kevin Stelter cheering him on in 2003 (picture) at the Hershey Track meet in Owatonna.

His dad is not too athletic. But I watch alot of sports. His mom was on the track team in high school. Although she was slowed down by shin splints. His sister was a multi-sport athlete in high school. She was in lacrosse / dance / softball / volleyball. So you could (kind of) say that sports run in the family.

He ran the 100. And finished. He ran the first leg on the 4x100 relay. The hand-off seemed to go OK. (They didn't drop the baton.) He did the long jump. I thought his form looked pretty good. But most importantly, he had fun.

He's played school baseball in the past, but wanted to try something different. I'm all for that. He will still play summer baseball. I'll be his coach again. I really cherish that opportunity. This might be the last summer for that!