Kelly Chats with LeAnn Rimes
Back in June, we let you know that it was confirmed that country star LeAnn Rimes was playing in Owatonna, and today we had a chance to catch up with the singer. Check out the interview below!
A Look Back: KOBK News July-August 1917, Steele County
Steve Groening recounts the KOBK news from July-August 1917. Hot topics include World War I draft registration and Owatonna’s Company I preparing for mobilization. Automobiles also were growing in popularity. Steele County had 1,335 cars as of May 1, 1917, and increase from 980 the p…
Rare Big Four Tractor Coming to Owatonna
The Steele County Historical Society will be hosting the annual Gus' Station Car Show and Fundraiser on Saturday, July 22. Registration begins at 8AM and is $5 per vehicle. The show itself runs 8:30AM to noon with free admission. An egg bake breakfast will be served from 8:30-10:30AM...
A Look Back: Hand-Squared Logs in Log Cabin, Rice County
Check out the ceilings in the log cabin on the Rice County Historical Society grounds. The logs have been squared by hand with tools such as a broad ax and an adze. You can see the grooves left in the beams, and also some of the logs in the cabin’s corner, behind the bed...

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