Top 5 Young Life Cakes
The creativity and talent displayed through the cakes at the Young Life Cake Auction this year didn't disappoint. I decided to attempt to pick the top five cakes. First off, I don't know if I could bake a cake even with a box of cake mix. I based my selection on the "Oh my goodnes…
Do You Remember Owatonna’s Srsen Supply?
I was digging around in my play house and pulled out this old pamphlet. It was probably used by many hardware stores around the country and then individual businesses had the covered adapted to tout their particular store. As you can see by the cover, Srsen Supply started in 1892...
Toto Albums Ranked Worst to Best
Countless high school buddies have started their own bands, but very few of them go on to amount to much, and fewer still have achieved the level of enduring success enjoyed by the guys in Toto.

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