Southern Minnesota Pets
Here's a few photos of some of our pets. Sometimes they can do the silliest things and at other times they almost act like humans. Hillary the miniature horse has learned how to do mischief from her stablemate Roy. They spend most of their time hanging out together and then when things get bori…
Dodge County Businesses in 1966
We took a look at some Steele County business ads from 1976 last month. This month we'll check out some businesses that advertised in a farm and ranch directory from 1966. How many do you remember?
Roger Moore’s Best James Bond Moments
Roger Moore was the third man to portray James Bond in the official series based on Ian Fleming’s classic spy novels; today, sadly, he became the first of the six 007 actors to pass away. His contributions to the Bond franchise are enormous, but for a long time they were overlooked.
Owatonna Businesses From Over 40 Years Ago
Here's a look at some ads from Owatonna businesses and the surrounding area in 1976. It just seems hard to think of 1976 as being more than 40 years ago. How many do you remember? Some are still around. These came out of a Plat Book Directory and as a result the advertisers had a farm backgroun…

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