I've been up since just after 11PM. I was awakened with the news that the power had gone out after a loud boom. Perhaps a vehicle had hit a pole and my wife heard it in the night air. I then learned that my wind-up alarm clock had quit working so I headed into the station at midnight.

Before I left though, I couldn't help but realize the reason we didn't have power is because our barn had gone down and it had pulled down the power line.

When we moved here, there was an old barn from the turn of the century that slowly broke down and sunk lower and lower until it touched ground. The newer barn was built around 1940 and was starting to deteriorate when we bought the place in '93. I salvaged the lumber from the old barn and stored it in the newer barn. Yet, it really wasn't worth investing a bunch of money I didn't have to re-roof and update a barn I really didn't need.

The past couple years the back corner started to go and I figured it would slowly descend to the ground this winter like the other older barn. I guess I was in for a surprise as the tension and stress must have been as such that the barn appears to have exploded.

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    Down Goes the Barn

    This looks more like an explosion than a simply a barn falling down.

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    Another Shot of the Old Barn

    I wonder if there's a chance the lightning rod with the bulb survived. I'll have to check when I get home.

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    Down She Goes

    Just one wall left standing. Oh boy, cleanup time won't be fun.

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    Building Inspectors?

    Sorry kitties, you're now homeless.