I ran across this full page insert for the new cars of 1961. Odds are some of you owned one of these vehicles. There were 29 new cars unveiled in this issue. It didn't include pickups. I'll share some pictures over the next few Fridays. Here's the first few to check out.

  • 1

    61 Rambler American

    These were cute cars. My wife's late uncle had one of these and displayed it at numerous shows around the area.

    Loren townsquaremedia
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    61 Pontiac Tempest

    It was around 1960 that we started to see smaller station wagons. Here's the Pontiac offering for 1961.

    loren townsquaremedia
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    61 Dodge

    The Lancer was Dodge's entry for '61 for a smaller wagon.

    Loren Townsquaremedia
  • 5

    61 Ambassador

    The Ambassador was Rambler's big car or big as far as Ramblers go.

    Loren townsquaremedia
  • 6

    61 Valiant

    The father of one of my classmates had a car like this. My classmate was 6-foot-10 and later played for the Badgers. How did he fit into this?

    loren townsquaremedia
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    61 Rambler Classic

    My folks had a '62 Classic. It had a cracked steering wheel and one Sunday coming home from church the steering wheel broke off. My dad drove the 2 miles home in low gear with the horn stuck on the whole time. We kids thought it was great. The neighbors probably thought they'd missed a pretty good service judging by the noise my dad was making driving home.

    Loren townsquaremedia