Even though I am guilty of some of these things, I thought it would be fun to bring these up and we can all maybe have a few laughs at our own expense.


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    Posting pictures and information about live sporting events.

    We are, or many of us are watching the game anyway, but yet we feel the need to share the good or the bad about the teams like the Wild, anyway.

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    Posting pictures and telling us how bad people are driving in the snow.

    People sitting in traffic or moving slow and posting pictures on Facebook as to how bad people are driving and how bad it is snowing, and it looks like the photos were taken while moving. What's wrong with this picture? Besides we Minnesotans already know.

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    Resharing posts about getting money.

    There are numerous sites that claim you will be rewarded with money if you like and share. I have yet to have one of my friends say they have actually gotten large amounts of money this way. But yet we keep doing it.

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    Quit telling me when you are at craft beer places.

    All I think about when you are posting pictures of being at a microbrewery is that 1) sometimes after a bad day I would really like to be there with you and if I can't it makes the day even worse, and 2) how are you getting home after your fun time so you don't get busted or in an accident.

    Photo: K Farm Used with permission.
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    Please stop all of the "Here is the latest on what Trump did."

    Millions of Americans voted for him, and we are stuck with it for now. Some of the stuff is not even real but yet some people fall for it. Let's move on.